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Representing you

Residents' and Independent Councillors join together in the Elmbridge Residents Group. We represent you who live and work here in Elmbridge - the parent, the commuter, the pensioner. We now hold twenty of the sixty seats on the Council. We had an excellent track record in administering the Borough from 1992 - 2006.

Our member Associations are staffed by volunteers, not paid agents. Our funds are provided solely by residents' subscriptions. We do not accept donations from developers or other lobbyists.

What we stand for

  • Managing sensibly, sensitively and fairly
  • Consulting residents properly BEFORE decisions are taken
  • Responding to your wishes in your ward
  • Maintaining good value services, keeping Council Tax down
  • Preserving our green spaces and looking after our conservation areas
  • Ensuring healthy not cancerous growth, preventing a developers' free-for-all

You deserve better

Time and again the small caucuses of politicians who now run Elmbridge and Surrey take decisions based on political dogma not practical common sense. They don't consult you first. Time and again residents have to make great efforts to get those policies changed to be sensible. Often we succeed. But this is a poor way to manage local government. Elmbridge residents are intelligent, educated, adult and responsible. You should be properly consulted before decisions are taken that affect you, and for which you pay. Decisions should fairly reflect that consultation - not just tick a box.

Download the 2012 brochure entire (350kb pdf file)

This web site

Groups and independents representing residents in Elmbridge electoral wards share a common approach and participate in Elmbridge Residents Group to co-ordinate policy and teamwork among them. This site provides a borough-wide web presence for the Residents Group. Most members have their own websites that carry news from their wards, to which navigation links are provided across the top of the page. Links within this site are on the left-hand side.

we represent YOU

Pensioner....parent...commuter....We are people like you - who don't like party politics and who represent YOU, not some party dogma from Westminster/p>

Published by the Elmbridge Residents Group including the Esher Residents Association, Hinchley Wood Residents Association, Molesey Residents Association, St Georges Hill Independents, Thames Ditton and Weston Green Residents Association, The Walton Society